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HANWELL HOLDINGS LIMITED (I-Econ Management Services Pte Ltd).

The Econ Minimart franchise was founded in 1982. It was developed as a voluntary chain concept to assist provision shop owners facing difficulties due to modernization: the rapid increase of supermarket outlets; loss of long-standing customers due to relocation to new housing estates; business continuity due to old age; pricing that is not competitive and lack of support and attention from suppliers.

The Econ Minimart concept allowed these provision shops to be restructured with a common, well-defined direction and revitalization in order to stay competitive. Based on 4 principles, the Econ Minimart chain aimed to offer economical pricing; a comfortable shopping environment; obliging, friendly personnel and convenient location.

As the industry matures and develops, the Econ Minimart chain underwent another round of major revamp in order to stay relevant and ahead of the competition. iEcon was launched with the objective of helping our franchisees competitively deal with the market changes. The entire operations was modernized, including a new store concept and design, the latest point-of-sale technology, partnerships with major suppliers and also introduction of new services such as AXS machines, Nets payment mode, cash card top-up services, EZ-Link services, EPINS, iCash and prepaid IM card registration services.

With its strong brand name and operational expertise, iEcon continually attracts franchisees who recognize and appreciate the relentless efforts put in to make iEcon the preferred shopping choice among our customers.

iEcon continues to serve our customers by offering value for money, convenience and friendly, personalized service.